Browns blog

  • Oh we do like to be beside the seaside - holiday time

    Last week we packed our suitcases and headed off so some rest and relaxation. The family, Phil, Seonee, Beth, the dogs and Harvey (who doesn't work for the business) travelled to Suffolk to spend a week with Phil's parents. 
  • Spring fair 2023 - no sandwiches, comfy beds and 10000 steps

    Once a year we get up early on a Sunday morning and drive to Birmingham for the Spring Fair at the NEC. The fair is the "UK's ultimate shop for shops", and we spend two days walking up and down massive halls looking at new items, meeting existing suppliers and placing orders. 
  • Giving and Living 2023 - The first trade show of the year

    Yesterday was the first trade show of 2023. Phil, Seonee, Beth, Chester, Kipper and Hamilton bundled into the car for a grand day out. First stop was day care for the boys, then onto Exeter for the show. 
  • Level 23

    And just like that it's 2023, it seems about 5 minutes ago that we were having one of the hottest summers on record, and only 10 minutes ago since we were sorting the 2022 new year sale. 
  • Christmas in Dulverton

    The big C is fast approaching. While it may seem like it's a way off, when you hear that it's only 6 weeks until Christmas it can't help but feel close! If you have been into the shop recently then you have probably noticed the Christmasification has begun with trees going up and decorations coming out. 
  • Updates and holiday snaps

    It has been a fair old while since we posted our last blog and for this we can only apologise. We have been crazy busy and sadly certain tasks have had to fall by the wayside. Business is inevitable as we head towards Christmas (you may have seen on social media that we are being inundated with new deliveries all the time) and we are so thankful for all the support that means we can continue to grow and thrive. Unfortunately we have also been extra busy for not so nice reasons. 
  • Beth's birthday list

    On the 30th June I turned the big 28 and as with every birthday and Christmas my mum asked me for a list of present ideas. She normally starts asking for it about 2 months in advance, you can't say she isn't organised!

  • What's new and what's coming soon

    If you follow us on social media then you may have seen that we get deliveries of new goodies all the time. Whether we are restocking favourites, getting new items from an existing supplier or even getting something brand new into the shop, there is always plenty going on at Browns. In this blog we thought we'd show you some of the new items we've had delivered recently and give you a sneaky insight into what is coming in the future.
  • Hot to trot - jewellery for horse lovers

    One thing we aren't short of round here is horse lovers. Growing up in Dulverton attending (what was then) Dulverton Middle School, I was extremely jealous that many of my friends had their own horses, while I had to make do with riding lessons once a week (which I am now super grateful for, so sorry mum and dad for being ungrateful at the time!). 
  • Things to do in Dulverton

    While the lure of Browns alone is surely enough to tempt anyone to travel from far and wide to come to Dulverton, we certainly aren't all there is to do, or see!
  • We've fallen hook, line and sinker for this fishy product

    Another new product blog because we are totally obsessed with the new ceramic fish we have in stock. This is another supplier we found at the Giving and Living show. They were probably about the 5th stand we saw, they had caught Beth's eye as we walked up to them and then once nearer Phil exclaimed "I like those", Seonee agreed and when there is a product that we all really like we know we are on to something! 
  • Mum's the word - Mother's Day is almost here

    Mother's day is drawing nearer, so it's time to start thinking about cards and gifts. Very selfishly Seonee (my mum) has her Birthday in march too,...