Browns website will be closing on 20/12/23. The shop will continue to be open as normal.

Browns blog

  • Beth is off, but not quite yet

    I (Beth) have decided to leave our wonderful family business. Before joining Browns full time in July 2021 I worked as a marketing manager for a law firm, and while working for the family business has been an amazing opportunity, I have missed working in a corporate, larger scale company. It's definitely a time of mixed feelings, as while I am very excited to start my new role, it feels like the end of an era. 
  • Shop life

    We don't know about where you are, but in Exmoor the hot summer has been abruptly cut short with endless grey and rain. The dark weather does make it seem a bit more normal to be planning for Christmas, a task which we are always doing this time of year. While the big Christmas orders go off in January and February, some of the smaller orders can only happen once the suppliers release their Christmas stock, which always happens around July.
  • The Secret Gardens of Dulverton

    One of our favourite annual Dulverton events is happening soon. The secret gardens of Dulverton is on Sunday the 2nd July and it's a chance to see into some beautiful Dulverton gardens which are normally completely private. 10 Dulverton residents are opening their gardens this year and we're excited to see all of the beautiful plants, as well as getting some inspiration for our own garden. 
  • Victorian and industrial look lighting

    We have been selling a range of industrial and vintage looking lampshades for a while now, but we have recently added to this range with a number of lighting accessories in the same style to give your lampshades the perfect finish.
  • Things you might not know about Dulverton

    The quaint town of Dulverton, where Browns is based, if often referred to as the heart of Exmoor, despite the fact that geographically it is actually on the edge of Exmoor.

    Quaint, with lots of quirky traditions Dulverton is blessed with lots of wonderful shops and cafes, pubs and beautiful scenery. Like many small places it is blessed with many unique characters and the feeling that everyone knows and everyone and everything! 

  • Perfect summer jewellery

    Summer is on the way and we're keeping our fingers crossed for warm sunny days filled with BBQs and drinks in the garden. As we starting thinking about our summer wardrobe it might be time to treat ourselves to some new items, be that sandals, a summer dress or jewellery. 
  • Taking time to smell the David Austin roses

    It's rose season and the courtyard at Browns is full to the brim with David Austin roses. We've got climbers, ramblers and shrub roses in a wide variety of heights, colours and scents. David Austin roses are considered by many to be 'the best', they are 100% British and the company's history goes back 60 years. 
  • Saying goodbye to a family favourite product

    We are sad to say that the founder of Kate of Kensington has decided it is time for a new challenge and therefore this wonderful range of British made kitchenware will soon be no more.
  • Addicted to gem stones

    Far more than just a pretty stone, crystals have been used for their healing properties by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Native Americans... the list goes on. 

    Crystal power has its roots in science, as a naturally occurring structure with repeating atoms crystals have a piezoelectric effect allowing it to build up a small electric charge; its structure also means it can store memory and energy.

  • Oh we do like to be beside the seaside - holiday time

    Last week we packed our suitcases and headed off so some rest and relaxation. The family, Phil, Seonee, Beth, the dogs and Harvey (who doesn't work for the business) travelled to Suffolk to spend a week with Phil's parents. 
  • Spring fair 2023 - no sandwiches, comfy beds and 10000 steps

    Once a year we get up early on a Sunday morning and drive to Birmingham for the Spring Fair at the NEC. The fair is the "UK's ultimate shop for shops", and we spend two days walking up and down massive halls looking at new items, meeting existing suppliers and placing orders. 
  • Giving and Living 2023 - The first trade show of the year

    Yesterday was the first trade show of 2023. Phil, Seonee, Beth, Chester, Kipper and Hamilton bundled into the car for a grand day out. First stop was day care for the boys, then onto Exeter for the show.