Browns website will be closing on 20/12/23. The shop will continue to be open as normal.

A big day for the human and canine Browns

The 20th January was a big day for us Browns, Hamilton had his first day at doggy day care meaning he went back to the place he was born and got to see his sister for the first time since we collected him (the breeder kept one puppy)! It was also a big day for us as it was the first trade show of 2022 and the first we have been able to attend since February 2019!

We headed off bright and early to Exeter for the Giving and Living trade show. While the show was smaller than previous years, there was still plenty to see and lots of exciting suppliers exhibiting. We talked to countless companies and had some discussions between ourselves about which items would go with our existing stock and where we should be heading next.

In the end we placed four orders at the show, some with existing suppliers and some with brand new suppliers. We won't spoil the surprise but be prepared to see some new items on our social media, website and instore soon. We love the items we picked and we hope you do too!

There were lots more suppliers who one, or all, of us wanted to deal with and ultimately we came away thinking about how life would be easier if the shop were at least double it's current size. 

After the show we headed back to Tiverton to collect the dogs but stopped for a well deserved McDonalds, and had McPlants all round (we are really obsessed with the new burger!). 

And more good news, when we collected the dogs from day care we were told that Hamilton had played with his sister nearly all day! I imagine that Chester and Kipper were just pleased to have a break while someone else entertained their pesty sibling!

Next up, the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham...