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We've fallen hook, line and sinker for this fishy product

Another new product blog because we are totally obsessed with the new ceramic fish we have in stock. This is another supplier we found at the Giving and Living show. They were probably about the 5th stand we saw, they had caught Beth's eye as we walked up to them and then once nearer Phil exclaimed "I like those", Seonee agreed and when there is a product that we all really like we know we are on to something! 

These fish are all handmade and painted in Scilly. The attention to detail is amazing, making them incredibly realistic but still with that handmade, artisan look. Every fish varies every so slightly as they are handmade. You can see pictures of how they are made below. 

Each fish has either a hook, loop, hole or loop-through holes in the mould to allow invisible mounting or hanging using wire, cord or tacks making the easy to mount on the wall. One fish looks great as a statement piece, or you can create your very own shoal of fish. 

Currently in stock we have anchovies, gar fish, sea bream, bass, an octopus, barracuda, mackerel and sardines. 

See a fish here which we don't have in available at the moment? Drop us a message and we can probably order it for you.