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Addicted to gem stones

Far more than just a pretty stone, crystals have been used for their healing properties by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Native Americans... the list goes on. 

Crystals unique properties are still used today, and not just in the ways you might think, quartz watches and clocks have a quartz crystal inside which is used to keep perfect time. 

Crystal power has its roots in science, as a naturally occurring structure with repeating atoms, crystals have a piezoelectric effect allowing them to build up a small electric charge; their structure also means they can store memory and energy. Most crystals are comprised of quartz and silica, which are also major components in the human body. Believing in the power of crystals is not necessarily about believing in magic, but understanding that energy exists and that it flows through humans and can be stored, freed, regulated or otherwise manipulated by crystals. 

The way that crystals are created, the unique way they have come to be, gives them different properties which means different crystals can be used for different things; for example black tourmaline is a strong protective stone which absorbs negative energy, whereas amethyst is a calming stone which can be used to aid good sleep. 

Once you delve into the world of crystals you can become immersed in something truly magical, from the geological side, to the holistic therapy side, to the fact the stones are undeniably beautiful , crystals provide something for everyone. 

Let's take a look at some of the most popular gemstones and what they can be used for - 


Confidence, creativity, motivation, carnelian is an energy booster. It can also aid with addictions and can aid with concentration. 

Rainbow moonstone

Honesty and courage, helps you to find your true self. It supports the mind and can help with meditation. Because it nurtures it can be a protecting stone.


A centring and grounding stone which provides protection and aids in relaxation. It relieves depression and anxiety.


A compassion stone, it brings good health, sleep and helps to balance relationships. It can also relieve stress. 


A heart based healing stone, it is said to promote love. It gives us strength of our heart, to deal with difficult relationship issues. 

Rose quartz 

A stone for love of yourself and for others. It supports love and protects your heart. A stone for finding self love or for supporting you in a relationship. 


Amethyst is recommended as a great starter stone for those who are looking to get into crystals. It is great for mediation and is known as a calming stone which aids good sleep and good dreams. It can also sooth emotional situations. 


Attracts positivity and abundance, it supports confidence and boosts self esteem. It can reduce feelings of inadequacy. It will raise your self esteem. It's a great stone for reigniting passion for your job, hobbies, life, basically helping you to get your drive back. 


Supports general physical well being and as it's a blue stone, it can ease communication particularly with friends and family.  

Lapis Lazuli 

The stone of friendship. It supports speaking freely and telling the truth. It intensifies intellect and brings clear thinking. 



Each gemstone has unique properties and will assist you in different ways. Google can help, either search the gemstone and see what properties it has, or ask which gemstones are good for specific things, ie courage. The most important thing is that you trust your instinct and choose crystals that feel good to you, if you do that you can't go wrong.