Browns website will be closing on 20/12/23. The shop will continue to be open as normal.

And we're off!

The day is finally here, what day you might ask, the day Browns finally go online! We have wanted to create a website for such a long time but with the shop being so busy (we definitely aren't complaining!) we just never had time. There was always the pipe dream that one day we might have the resource to create a website and at the beginning of 2021 that dream suddenly became a reality. 

In February 2021 Phil and Seonee (owner's of Browns) daughter Beth fulfilled her life long dream and got her very own puppy (Elphie). She was living in Bristol at the time and once the puppy arrived she decided she didn't feel safe walking in the dark or happy trying to avoid smashed glass on the floor from car windows. In that moment she decided it was time to quit Bristol and move back to home to Dulverton. Shortly after the move, her role as Marketing Manager for a Law Firm started to become a lot less fun. We will spare you the boring corporate politics but Beth decided it was time to quit that too... so what to do next? "Website for the business" began to be muttered under our breathes at dinner, very general discussions began. No one dared believe that the stars had aligned to bring all the pieces together so that a website for the business was a real possibility.

Creating a website for a business that Beth has always been a huge part of, taken annual leave to work for before and always attended trade shows for was too tempting of an offer to turn down (the fact that she could bring her new puppy to work everyday also made the option seem more appealing!). 

Fast forward a little and that brings us to today, the website has been created, the web domain bought, products added and finally, we can't quite believe, we have a website! 

Update - heartbreakingly in July 2021 Elphie had to be put to sleep. Forever in our hearts.