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Beth's birthday list

On the 30th June I turned the big 28 and as with every birthday and Christmas my mum asked me for a list of present ideas. She normally starts asking for it about 2 months in advance, you can't say she isn't organised!

My style of writing a birthday list hasn't changed for about 12 years now. First I list the things I need which are boring and I don't want to spend my own money on, or time researching, this year this item was a new electric toothbrush. Then I head into Browns and wander around listing about 100 things I want to take home! There are always so many things in the shop I want for myself but I can't spend all my wages on goodies for me, so I wait until a special occasion and then I ask my family to get them for me for presents. 

I thought I'd share some of the glorious items (even if I do say so myself) from Browns 

A whimsical bird cushion

I loved all of the cushions when they came in and this design was definitely my favourite, so I squirreled it away ready to be one of my birthday presents. I could honestly take loads more home but my sofa isn't that big and I would like to still be able to sit on it!

 A rainbow ring

I didn't actually get this on the day as my mum thought I meant rainbow moonstone ring and I already have one of those so she didn't know what to wrap! I got it in the end though, and I am very happy with it. 

A snow opal toe ring

I have wanted a new ring for my little finger for a while and I love opals but I don't tend to wear a lot of blue. When this beautiful snow opal came in I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.

Amber reed diffuser 

I asked for an Amber reed diffuser but unfortunately we sold the last one before it could be put by, but at least I got given the nearly full tester. 

Filigree silver earrings 

I sadly lost one of my favourite earrings during the winter of masks, scarves and all that jazz. I got it from mum and dad way back when and I loved it. We couldn't get the same style again but we could get some slightly similar and just as lovely earrings, so I ordered an extra pair in preparation for my birthday when I did the last jewellery order with this company. 

Diamond earrings 

Not actual diamonds but diamond shaped. It's no secret that I love all of the fun earrings we do and want to take most of them home, but when the latest order came in and I saw these in the flesh I couldn't resist them. They are the Beth of earrings with all of my favourite and most worn colours (basically all the pinks!).

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my birthday list. What from Browns is on your birthday list?