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Beautiful, handcrafted, vegan, ethical ornaments

At Browns we pride ourselves on having an eclectic range of products, carefully sourced from UK based businesses, independent artists, a Kenyan carver and a wide range of other suppliers.

At a recent trade show we came across a product which ticked all of our boxes. Originally we were drawn to the stand because of the stunning, vibrant and unique products on display, but once we started talking to the company and discovered that the products were also ethical, vegan, eco friendly and produced by local artists in Kashmir we were fully sold. 

From baubles, to 2D hanging hearts, to eggs to bowls and ornaments, this company stock a wide range of products, all featuring incredible intricate designs. The pictures do not do the patterns or colours justice, only in person can the true vibrancy of these products be truly appreciated. 

Baubles £7.50 each 

Hanging hearts £5.50

While the baubles will look just as amazing on a Christmas tree as they will in your house at any time of the year, the eggs can be placed in a bowl or vase to form a stunning centre piece in your home. The eggs could also be used for an Easter egg hunt or for the perfect Easter present. Whether you choose to hang the items on curtain poles, from your real or faux houseplant branches or just get them out at Christmas, these items are perfect for anytime of year. 

Egg ornaments £7.50

All of the items in these collection are handcrafted out of papier-mâché products. They are 100% vegan and eco friendly, the company ensure that their products have a minimum carbon footprint. Each item is 100% biodegradable, handcrafted from recycled paper, and then hand-painted using plant-based, organic, natural dyes and paints.

Due to the nature of handmade products, despite having similar designs, patterns and colours, you will find that each item is unique. Each item is made out in Kashmir by skilled artists who are given sustainable and fair work in an yet unstable country.

We hope you like these products as much as we do. They are available instore and online now.