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Hey Goodlookers! Word eyesight day

The second Thursday in October marks World eyesight today, a day raising awareness of blindness and vision impairment. As someone who has been wearing prescription glasses for over 10 years, I am very thankful that modern science has been able to provide such an easy and excellent correction for those of us who have blurry vision. For those lucky enough to not need prescription glasses, sadly age often intervenes and decides that for certain activities your eyes just aren't going to be what they used to be. 

When my mum first started needing to wear reading glasses she was really disappointed at the boring styles available, being who she is she wanted a pair in every colour and style to match every outfit!

At the NEC Spring fair a few years ago we saw a display with the most wonderful funky, stylish and quirky glasses designs, we were instantly sold. Since then we have been selling our range of reading glasses, and adding a bit of something different to Dulverton. 

Stripes, bright pink, leopard print, bold designs, we have them all. At only £12 a pair you can really have a pair to match every outfit. We have all of our styles in all strengths.

And.... if you need a smart case to keep your prescription glasses, reading glasses or sun glasses safe then we have some beautiful tapestry glasses cases.