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Cooking up great kitchenware

If you can't handle the heat, buy more kitchenware! This blog is all about things for your kitchen, whether they be practical or just pretty.

Personally I am not the biggest fan of cooking. I recently saw something on Instagram which said - Adult life is spending two hours cooking a meal, sitting down for 10 minutes to eat and then washing up for 30 minutes. Nothing could describe how I feel about cooking and the kitchen more!

People are often surprised when we tell them that in our house Phil does all the cooking and is an excellent chef. Seonee is dessert chef and called upon when sweat treats are required, or just wanted, and as I (Beth) am currently living at home, and possess no cooking skills, I just reap the benefits of everyone else's hard work and then do the tidy up!

Even though I might not like cooking I sure do like homeware items for the kitchen. Even if I don't use the kitchen I still want it to look pretty. Browns stock some wonderful practical and chic items for the kitchen. 

First up, mugs! Every kitchen needs mugs and ours are perfect for a country house. With wildlife and Exmoor animals these mugs are made in the UK from new bone china. So whether you like, tea coffee, hot chocolate or some other fancy hot drink, enjoy it in style from one of these mugs. They are £12 each. 

British birds mug

Nibbler mug

Country companions mug

If you are looking for appropriate art work for your kitchen then you can't really go wrong with a food theme. Our stunning vintage prints are perfect for any kitchen, whether you want to display fruit, palms, exotic birds or maps. They also come in a range of sizes, so can fit with your kitchen layout. These are slowly being added to the website but it's a bit of a never ending story! I am going as fast as I can I promise. 

Pear print

Plants which can be used for food print 

Tea plant print 

These metal bottle openers will fit in with a rustic country kitchen as well as they will a minimalistic modern one. They come in a range of styles from Brewdog to Peaky Blinders to Coca cola, just to name a few. Just because something is practical doesn't mean it can't look nice too, and because they screw to the wall they are very hard to misplace!

Metal bottle openers £6 each

I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE these bees wax wraps. Foil and clingfilm is not only bad for the planet, but a nightmare to use (for me anyway), by the time I have cut a piece to size it has normally decided to stick to itself or rip in a way which means I can't use it anymore. Those struggles are over now I have these wraps. They come in a range of sizes and are also perfect if you keep losing tupperware lids (which seems to be a reoccurring issue in our house). We have just ordered more of these and they will going on the website soon.

Bees are very popular at the moment, as they should be. If you want to create a buzz in your kitchen then we have some bee items to accessorise the cooking area. 

If you are a fan of a boiled egg then a timer is an essential piece of kit. Our sand timer is a nod to the traditional and perfect for an Exmoor kitchen. Then you can serve your perfectly boiled eggs in our chicken egg holder

I once counted how many chicken items or items with chickens on were in our kitchen once and it was A LOT! If, like us, you like a chicken theme then how about this wooden chicken ornament?

Another one of my favourite items is this sweetie jar which also comes in two larger sizes. Perfect for storing pretty much anything.

In 2021 we are more aware of hand washing than ever before. We have bottle and block soaps for you to keep next to your kitchen sink, perfect for the next time someone comes in for dinner after gardening, or has been dealing with a sticky food. You can pick one of our many scents to create the aroma you want. You could also add one of room sprays if you want to really get a certain scent going.


British bees coasters

British cow coasters

Our marble coasters are £14.99 for a pair. Being made of marble means they are incredibly sturdy. They are all made in the UK and feature a range of country scenes and wildlife in keeping with Exmoor. 

Marble platters range from £25.99 - £49.99

The marble coaster supplier also make marble boards which are perfect for display, heat mats, cutting boards or place mats. We have one in the centre of our table and the last minute shout for someone to put heat mats on the table is now a thing of the past, plus it looks so nice we are happy to leave it out all the time. These are heavy pieces and come in three sizes. There are no plans to add these to the website at the moment, just because their weight makes them hard to post, however if you have your eye on one (or anything else in the shop) and don't live locally, just drop us a message and we will see what we can do. 

Tea towels are between £10 and £15

There isn't much to say about these items, a tea towel is a tea towel but there is no reason why you can't use tea towels to accessorise or add colour to your kitchen. We stock a number of tea towels by UK artists. 

We hope you have enjoyed our kitchen blog and maybe seen some items you like the look of, now..... ready, steady, cook!