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Magical items for Harry Potter's 20th Birthday

Can you believe it's been 20 years since the first Harry Potter film (The Philosopher's Stone) came out? Feeling old now? I am!

I am a huge HP fan, a potthead as the world has named us. I have read all the books about 10 times and watched the films more times than I can count. When the books first came out Mum used to read them to me as a bedtime story and then, as I got older, I began to read them for myself. 

I know I am very much not alone in loving the wizarding world, with many people hoping that someone might Slyth-er-in a HP themed gift under the tree this year. Here are some of the HP items we have at Browns, from the obvious to the more subtle, and some which are great stocking fillers. 

These antique finished cast iron signs can go up anywhere in the house and will make sure that all visitors know where you allegiances lie! 

HP house sign £7

Perhaps you don't want to publicly declare which HP house you'd be in but you still want to show what a fan you are. These signs are perfect for any Potthead. Being cast iron the signs are extremely sturdy and will stand the test of time. 

Platform 9 3/4 sign £5

Hogwarts express cast iron sign £10

Support the great cause that is the RSPB and get a beautiful enamel badge with your own Hedwig on. Available instore only, the badge can be yours for only a £1 donation to the RSPB. 

A more subtle nod to Harry Potter with a piece of sterling silver owl jewellery. Harry had Hedwig, and let's face it, an owl is clearly the best pet you were allowed to have at Hogwarts (dog's sadly weren't on the list). The two necklaces below are beautiful and great for a HP fan who doesn't want to wear their fandom as a big obvious sign!

Amber owl pendant £27

Own in moon pendant £32

Add it to a chain and wear it as a necklace or put it on a charm bracelet and have your own tiny Scabbers the rat with you wherever you go.

Rat sterling silver charm £18

Doesn't this Christmas tree ornament look like a Patronus? Whether you like it because it looks like Harry's stag Patronus or just because it's a stag, this magical decoration will add some extra HP charm to your festive decorations. 

Clear stag tree ornament £6.60

One word comes to mind when I look at this pendant "Always". I am not going to give away spoilers, just in case you haven't managed to watch HP in the 20 years you have had! A stag is an important part of HP and the various relationships in it, and this simple silver pendant harks to that. 

Sterling silver antler necklace £17 

and finally, a wizarding watch with owls and broomsticks for a little one who wants to learn to tell the time. 

Child's wizard watch £10

Thanks for reading our latest blog, the only question left to ask is - which Harry Potter house would you be in?