Meet the Browns - the shop dogs!

We've done interviews with all of the human Browns now so it's time to move onto the main event, the Browns dog squad! Chester, Kipper and Hamilton are all integral parts of the family and the shop, sometimes they even appear in photos to help us promote Browns.

The little trio are often recognised in Dulverton, but don't worry, they don't let the fame go to their heads!

Who are the Browns dogs?

Chester is the oldest, he is an 8 year old Tibetan terrier cross cocker spaniel. Kipper is a 6 year old Border collie cross poodle and Hamilton is a 6 month old Cockerpoo.

What are they like?

Chester looks like a teddy bear but it actually a bit of a killer. Tibetan terriers aren't meant to be terriers but Chester didn't get the memo, if he sees a small animal he can chase then he is off! Pheasants are his particular favourite. While he has got lots of obedience certificates and knows all of the tricks, he suddenly becomes deaf when out on the hunt and will come back in his own time. Sadly, he is actually quite a successful hunter... At home you would think that butter wouldn't melt as he just wants to be with you, nap and have cuddles. He will even hold your hand with his paw and is quite partial to cold tea.

Kipper is the most loyal of the bunch. If you have a ball then he won't leave your side. He isn't much of a lap dog but will always lie at your feet and will nose nudge you for a good rub when he wants attention. Kipper is the alarm of the house and will always bark to let you know he has heard the front door open, or if he hears a strange nose. After a bit of nagging, he will nearly always give in and play with Hamilton.

Hamilton is more like Chester, brilliant in obedience class but quite cheeky in the world! He likes to do the things he likes and in his own time. He is full of beans and a typical puppy. Recently he has become a lot more cuddly and has taken to napping on people's chests.

What are their favourite things?

Chester is pretty sure he is more human than dog and we tend to agree! He loves to be cuddled like a baby or lie upside down spread eagle on the sofa, or even better, the human's beds. He loves to play and scurry around after things.

Kipper is more of a dog's dog, his favourite thing is a game of fetch with a ball or wraggie, although he still doesn't quite get the concept of needing to give up the toy to allow you to throw it again.

Hamilton is chief of mischief, he loves to play with humans or the other dogs and loves all of his toys, particularly his Yakkers chew.

Both Chester and Kipper are agility stars and go to classes with Phil once a week. Hamilton will be taking to the agility world at the start of next year so keep your fingers crossed for him!

Napping in the shop after a wet walk 

Hamilton and his friend Winnie having a play on the beach when we went to Felixstowe

Chester looking rather sleepy

Hamilton having a nap on Phil 

Chester and Kipper on a dog walk in the woods

Chester with a Kipper pillow

A nest of dogs - what the dogs are normally doing while the shop is open