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Mum's the word - Mother's Day is almost here

Mother's day is drawing nearer, so it's time to start thinking about cards and gifts. Very selfishly Seonee (my mum) has her Birthday in march too, making it extra work to make/find two cards and two gifts in a short period of time! The good thing about my job is that I have loads of present options that mum would love at my finger tips, after all she does a lot of stock orders and I know she orders things she likes. The only issue is trying to get it for her before she gets it for herself, or trying to sneak it out of the shop without her noticing and realising that's what she's getting! Getting presents for her from the shop is a stealth operation. 

Our home is filled with items from the shop that both Seonee, Phil and I have all received for various Birthday's. Christmas's or moving presents.

Here are some ideas for mother's day gifts, nearly all of which Seonee has had for one occasion or another...

Practical gifts

Mugs, heat platters, cutting boards and coasters. All of the marble range in the image below is made in the UK. 

Marble kitchenware - coasters £14.99, medium platter £28.99, Large platter £39.99, sharing platter £49.99. 

Gisela Graham mugs in two sizes, large £10, small £8.

Homely gifts

Silk plants and flowers, plant pots and lamps. 

Various faux plants and flowers available from £5.

Grey pot cover £11, bee pot cover £11, sage green pot cover large £24 and small £14.

Fabric lamps £20 each. 

Pampering gifts

Hand creams, soaps, candles and bath essence to name just a few of the items we have to gift someone a lovely pampering set. 

Bath essence £15 each.

Hand cream £9, boxed candle £12.

Fashionable gifts

Bags and scarves.

Lots of different scarves available from £7.


Cherry make up bag/purse £6. Tapestry coin purses £4 each. 

 Jewellery is always a strong choice for a gift for mum and we have a huge range available. 

We stock a huge range of sterling silver, sterling silver with gold plate, Cornish pewter, Cornish bronze and fashion jewellery. Prices start as low as £6.

 Sterling silver bee locket £44, Various sentiments available from £16.

And if you can't think of anything else then just go for an old faithful! Who doesn't want socks?!

We have LOADS of different sock designs available for £3 each. 

To celebrate Seonee's birthday we are giving you 10% off all order over £15 from the 4th-5th March. 

Happy Birthday and Mother's day too all mum's out there and to my very own mum, Seonee.