Browns website will be closing on 20/12/23. The shop will continue to be open as normal.

New year, same shop

Another Christmas and another new year have come and gone. This year it seems to have come around extra fast with all the lockdowns and Covid rules. For Browns, 2022 is much the same as 2021, our goals include continuing to build the website, keep finding new and exiting items to stock and generally keep doing what we're doing. 

The change for Browns this year will (hopefully) be the introduction of a digital stock tracking system, with barcodes and a scanner and all. Other than that, the most exciting thing 2022 will bring is the start of trade shows again. We can't wait to get back out there and look at new possible suppliers, as well as seeing that there is a world outside of Dulverton (Covid has definitely made us feel cut off from much of the world). 

On a personal level we aren't really ones for new years resolutions but have set ourselves some goals and things we would like to achieve this year-

Phil - To take a holiday in the UK with the dogs. 

Seonee - To have more time to visit the beautiful places around us. 

Beth - To move out of mum and dad's! If anyone knows of anywhere affordable to move in Dulverton then please let me know. 

We're excited to see what this year will bring (unless it's more lockdowns! In which case no thank you) both for Browns and for us personally. 

Wishing you all a brilliant 2022!