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Not-so-hidden gems

It's been a while since we posted our last blog, with new deliveries coming nearly everyday, getting the shop ready for Christmas and generally just trying to do all of the day to day jobs, time has been a little limited. That's not to say we are complaining though, we love this time of year and love the business that comes with it.

Christmas is my favourite time of year and, having grown up surrounded by my parent's retail businesses, nothing says Christmas to me like shop Christmas displays and people doing their Christmas shopping. I am thrilled that Dulverton by Starlight is able to go ahead again this year as it really didn't feel like Christmas without it.

Anyway, many more blogs about various Christmas topics and stock coming soon, but this blog is all about the fabulous new gem stone jewellery we have in (perhaps a good Christmas present idea). 

Each piece of gem stone jewellery is totally unique, from the gem used, to the finish and cut. Our supplier travels to places such as India every year (in non covid times) to select the most beautiful gems she can find to make jewellery with. We now have a huge range of gem stone jewellery in from studs, to rings, to drop earrings, to pendants and all with sterling silver fixings and chains. Because of the nature of this jewellery we only have one of each item, so don't delay if you see something you like!

I never thought of myself as a gemstone jewellery person, I tend to wear simple silver jewellery and felt that the vibrant gem stones didn't go with my clothes, but since coming to work in the shop I have developed a whole new passion for gem stones. The more you look at each stone the more you seen, the more pattern and colours and there are so many stones I had never even heard of before. 

My favourite pieces are those which are rough cut, where the stone remains unpolished and rough, natural. Something about the feel and look of these pieces is very satisfying to me. 

I think that gem stone jewellery is more personal that many other types of jewellery, because you know you have a totally unique piece and you can chose the colours and stone which best fits you. Crystals are often believed to have properties, something else I wasn't aware of before. Some people claim that they can feel different things just from touching certain stones. Whether you believe in crystal properties or not, the idea that a piece of jewellery you are wearing is giving off positive vibes is a lovely idea, and an added benefit to a piece of jewellery which you already love for being beautiful. 

Below are some of the gemstones we have in store at the moment and what their properties are:

Goldstone - gives off protective energy

Black druzy - helps you feel balanced

Coral - supports you in periods of change and transformation 

Malachite - promotes emotional balance

Mohave - a stone for finding wholeness and truth

Paua shell - brings good luck and prosperity


Whatever way you look at it, gemstone jewellery certainly has some magic about it, whether through it's properties or simply how it has been formed/created over time.