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One for the cat lovers

As we focused on dogs in our recent blog post, and as the 8th August was international cat day, we thought it was only fair that for this weeks blog post we did one for the cat lovers.

While us Browns have to admit that we are slightly biased to dogs on the dog person/cat person debate, we are overall a family of animal lovers, whether the animal happens to purr, bark, roar, croak or squeak. This is why we have so many animal themed products in the shop, we buy what we like and as I have already said, we really like animals!

So, on to the cat items...

First up is the totally adorable and soft fuzzle kitten from the Jellycat range. Soft toys aren't just for children, and why should they be when they are so cute?!

Fuzzle kitten - £15

If you are after something a bit more practical then how about this cat wall hook, where the tail is the hook. A cute and practical kitten.

Metal wall hook - £7

Another practical suggestion are our tapestry bags which come in a 'cheeky cat' print. 

Shopper - £15, sling bag £12

While it may still be summer the chill in the air is creeping in, we can certainly feel it when we come into the shop first thing in the morning. Keep your toes warm and show off your love of cats with our snazzy cat socks.

Socks - £3

Even people who aren't obsessed with cats are sure to like these whimsical, vintage cards. 

All pictured cards - £2.50 each 

You may wonder why this next item is in a blog about cat themed products when it is clearly a butterfly. Well this one is more of a gift for the cat. I gave one to my friend and her cat loved to bat it around. He wasn't too fussed when it was spinning in the sun, but as soon as the sun went down he batted it around to his hearts content. (please note - products are not designed to be cat toys and may not survive the process, but the cat will super cute while destroying your new purchase).

Lastly we have some cat jewellery. This set is made with paua shell and has diamantes for the cat's collar and tag.


Earrings £9, necklace £9

These next pieces are made with Cornish pewter. We have many more cat pieces in this range, we couldn't include them all or this article would become more like a book. 


Sleeping kitten necklace - £17

Brooch - £18

We hope you have enjoyed are cat themed blog, and we have made you smile with our cat themed items. Wishing you all a purrr-fect day (couldn't resist).