Browns website will be closing on 20/12/23. The shop will continue to be open as normal.

Shop life

We don't know about where you are, but in Exmoor the hot summer has been abruptly cut short with endless grey and rain. The dark weather does make it seem a bit more normal to be planning for Christmas, a task which we are always doing this time of year. While the big Christmas orders go off in January and February, some of the smaller orders can only happen once the suppliers release their Christmas stock, which always happens around July. So while we continue to order and restock for Summer, we are also starting to forward order for Christmas. It always seems a bit bizarre that we thinking Christmas while everyone else is thinking summer holidays. 

The next few weeks are pretty packed with agents coming to see us so we can get our orders in. For other companies we order online and it's been very busy getting these orders in too, although I think we only have one online order left to do now. It's important we order as soon as the Christmas items are released, otherwise the suppliers sell out. 

By September we are getting Christmas orders delivered! Shop life definitely gives you a slightly different view of the year and makes you always think a few months, or even a year ahead. 

That said we do have lots to look forward to this Summer with several friends and family coming to visit, so fingers crossed the sun decides to make a come back soon. 

We hope you all manage to have a great summer whether it's sunny or rainy.