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Taking time to smell the David Austin roses

It's rose season and the courtyard at Browns is full to the brim with David Austin roses. We've got climbers, ramblers and shrub roses in a wide variety of heights, colours and scents. David Austin roses are considered by many to be 'the best', they are 100% British and the company's history goes back 60 years. 

When it comes to choosing a rose for your garden there is a lot to consider, while all roses like the sun and will need plenty of sunlight, some can have partial shade.

Don't think that you have to put a rose in the ground, a shrub rose or small climber or rambler can go in a pot, but it does need to be a large pot to allow it plenty of room to grow. This can help if you have a particular arch or trellis you want the rose to grow up but no suitable soil nearby. 

Whether you want a climber, rambler or shrub rose will depend on where you want it, how you want it and what you want to do with it. Within each of these categories the size of the roses varies greatly, some climbers grow up to 25 ft tall so you need to make sure you have the space and infrastructure to allow them to grow, and something for them to grow up. 

You also want to think about whether you want a repeat flowerer or whether you are happy with a rose that flowers once a year, typically shrubs and climbers are repeat flowerers, whereas ramblers are more likely to flower once a year. 

Once you have narrowed all of that down it's time to get to the really fun part, scent and colour. Roses come in so so so many colours and when it comes to scent you have old rose scent or a tea scent and then you can choose if you want a strong scent, mild or no real scent at all. There are also some roses which don't have many thorns, which I think is a great idea as I am constantly getting grabbed by the roses in the courtyard once they start to grow. 

Roses are considered an easy plant to grow, all they need is feeding, sun and lots of water. 

Normally £30 each, we currently have 10% off all roses making them £27. 

What we have in stock - 



MME Alfred Carrier


Claire Austin

Gertrude Jekyll

Strawberry Hill

The Generous Gardener

The Pilgrim

Wollerton Old Hall


Charles Darwin


Emily Bronte

Eustacia Vye

Gabriel Oak 

Gertrude Jekyll

Golden Celebration


Princess Alexandra of Kent 

Princess Anne

Queen of Sweden

Silas Marner

Susan Williams-Ellis

The Lark Ascending

The Mayflower

The Poet's Wife

Vanessa Bell