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The Secret Gardens of Dulverton

One of our favourite annual Dulverton events is happening soon. The secret gardens of Dulverton is on Sunday the 2nd July and it's a chance to see into some beautiful Dulverton gardens which are normally completely private. 10 Dulverton residents are opening their gardens this year and we're excited to see all of the beautiful plants, as well as getting some inspiration for our own garden. 

Inspired by this event, this blog is all about garden tips and inspiration. 


Mirrors are one of our favourite garden items. whether you have a large or small garden, a mirror can have a huge effect. Not only are they whimsical and create a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel, mirrors can make gardens look lighter and bigger. 

One of the best use of garden mirrors we have seen if by one of our customers who recently moved into a new build house with a plain box garden with high fences. By growing plants up the fences and adding lots of mirrors, they have given their garden such a country feel and so much character, as well as making it look a log bigger. 

One of our garden mirrors in our garden 


Arches can be used to separate sections of garden, on a path or as an entrance. Not only do they add character, but they are also great for growing plants up, such as climbing roses. Growing plants up them will add height to the greenery and plants in your garden, immediately elevating the whole look. 

One of the garden arches we stock, find it here


Solar and battery powered lights are a cheap way to add some light to your garden. The range of these sorts of lights on the market mean you can find them to match the vibe of your garden, be that modern and bold, cute and chic or a country garden. 

Not only is lighting practical, e.g for lighting a pathway, it will also make your garden feel warmer in the evenings. While using small lights will also allow you to enjoy the night, stars and moon. 

Battery powered lantern with flicker candle, find it here

Ornaments and stoneware

Adding ornaments or stoneware into your plant boarders can be a great way to add interest while complimenting all of your plants. They can also be used to space out plants so that each has enough room to grow and thrive. Plus, when your plants die back in the winter, the ornaments will still be there. 


We think the main thing with your garden is to have fun making it the way you want it. There are no hard and fast rules about what a garden should look like, so why not get creative making a space you'll love to be in. 

If you are interested in attending the the secret gardens of Dulverton then tickets can be purchases from the post office and Tantivy, more information can be found here