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Things you might not know about Dulverton

The quaint town of Dulverton, where Browns is based, if often referred to as the heart of Exmoor, despite the fact that geographically it is actually on the edge of Exmoor.

Quaint, with lots of quirky traditions Dulverton is blessed with lots of wonderful shops and cafes, pubs and beautiful scenery. Like many small places it is blessed with many unique characters and the feeling that everyone knows and everyone and everything! 

We may be bias but we think Dulverton is a wonderful place to live, it's friendly but practical with its local services. 

Here are some lesser known facts about Dulverton - 

Not a village

A surprising fact to many, including Seonee after she moved here, is that Dulverton is not actually a village, although its small size and quirky charm definitely make it feel that way, it is a town. 

Between two counties 

Dulverton is located in Somerset but drive out of town for 15 minutes and you'll be in Devon. It's really close to the border line. 

Star of the big screen

Landgirls was filmed here. This 1998 movie which stared Anna Friel and Rachael Weisz was filming in and around Dulverton, and if you know the area you will spot lots of familiar scenes in the movie. Lots of locals are actually in the movie as extras, the person we bought our house from is in the background as an Air Raid Warden. 

 The most obvious Dulverton location is the town hall steps where they have a dance in the movie. Below are the main characters on the Town Hall steps. 

And the steps as they are today

As a family we actually love this movie and think it's definitely worth a watch. 

A romantic fiction 

Written by Richard Doddridge Blackmore and published in 1869, Lorna Doone is a romance novel set on Exmoor where the two main characters meet in Dulverton. 

In Dulverton we have the Lorna Doone statue made from bronze, which marks the location where the lovers from the story first met.

The big flood

If you're local or holiday in this area frequently, then you are sure to have heard of the Lynmouth flood. What lots of people don't know is that the flood had an effect on Dulverton too. The sign below is in Dulverton and marks the height of the flood level, it's a surprise how far up town, and how high up the wall, it is placed. 

So there are our lesser know facts about Dulverton, did you learn anything new?