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Updates and holiday snaps

It has been a fair old while since we posted our last blog and for this we can only apologise. We have been crazy busy and sadly certain tasks have had to fall by the wayside. Business is inevitable as we head towards Christmas (you may have seen on social media that we are being inundated with new deliveries all the time) and we are so thankful for all the support that means we can continue to grow and thrive. Unfortunately we have also been extra busy for not so nice reasons. 

Seonee's mum continues to be unwell following her fall which left her with a cracked skull, brain swelling and bleed on the brain. She has now been discharged from hospital which is great news, but sadly she continues to suffer from the accident. Seonee has been traveling up every other week to support her mum and help to keep everything going. This has been very tiring as she lives in Surrey, although we are very thankful she is in this country at least. 

Seonee being out of the shop has meant Phil and Beth have had to take on some of her workload and tasks. As we are moving into a busy time of year anyway this has proved quite stressful and meant we have to prioritise the jobs we do. 

It's not all doom and gloom though. We recently got back from a trip to Felixstowe where we stayed with Phil's parents. We all went (including the dogs) and we also picked up Harvey (Beth's brother) on route. Some chilled down time was much needed and the sea air and lots of dog walks were the perfect escape. 

So there you have it, that's what has been going on with us. We hope you are all well. 

Some pictures from our trip below (mostly dog pictures!):

Beth and Ham having cuddles 

Chester having a nap on Beth's leg 

Beth went to visit her best friend and dog niece Winnie

Beth and Ulla (Phil's mum) before going out to dinner (Beth swearing stollen shoes from Ulla)

A morning walk on the beach