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Gem stones and their properties

  • Hope, positive thinking and optimism
  • Soothing and calming
  • Protection
  • Inner Strength
  • Security
  • It is a healer and cleanser of the body mind and spirit
  • Traditionally amber was considered to be the “soul of the tiger” and regarded as a stone of courage
  • It will help to protect you against erratic emotions
  • Alleviates migraines
  • Concentration
  • Calming
  • Balance
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Boosts creativity, imagination and intellect
  • Reduces irritability and eases feelings of anger, apathy and sorrow
  • Helps you to overcome negative thoughts you have towards yourself
  • Courage
  • Reduces stress levels and quiets the mind
  • Perfect for sensitive personalities
  • Overcomes judgmental thoughts
  • Sharpens perception
  • Provides closure
  • Self expression and intuition
  • Highly protective during pregnancy, discouraging miscarriages
Black Onyx
  • Creates will power and energy purification
  • Protects the owner from evil spirits and difficult situation
  • Gives a good sense of self-confidence
Black Druzy
  • Helps you to feel balanced
  • Creates a veil of harmony and relaxation
  • Gives off warm, loving energies
  • Diminishes stress levels
  • Gives off protective energy
  • The stone reminds us of our own inner light and ability to shine
  • Deflects unwanted energies and is a protective stone
Blue topaz
  • Truelove and friendship stone
  • Creates compassion, empathy and kindness
Bumble bee
  • Will keep you ‘buzzing’ throughout the day
  • Helps you to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude
  • Emotional warmth
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Courage and self esteem
  • Releases negativity
  • Boosts sexuality and fertility
  • Aids in bone ailments
  • Decreases depression
  • Provides strong physical and emotional healing properties
  • Reminds you to live in the now
  • A stone of insight
  • Empowers true wisdom to teach and transform
  • Supports you to speak the wisdom that lives in the deepest part of you
  • Will help you to release unhealthy thoughts and emotions
  • Will support you in a period of change and transformation
  • Increases sexual potency and fertility
  • Enhances sexual attraction
  • Passion and love
  • Aids in overcoming depression
  • Discourages miscarraige
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Courage
  • Channels light and purifying energy
  • Great for meditation
Iron tiger
  • A centring and calming stone
  • Gives courage, strength and stamina

Jet is an organic rock created when pieces of woody material are buried, compacted and then go through organic degradation. The most famous jet deposits are found in the UK on the East Yorkshire coast, around Whitby, which is where the Jet used in Browns’ pieces of jewellery comes from
  • A stone to protect you from evil and negative forces
  • It will draw our negative energies which are affecting how you think, feel, speak and act
  • This gemstone is good for people who are easily influenced by others
  • A powerful meditation stone
  • Clams and balances the nervous system
  • Encourages happiness and excitement
  • A protective stone
  • Boosts mental and spiritual power
  • Helps you to become more self aware
  • A stone which helps people to control emotions and communicate how they feel
  • Helps to keep the mind in a calm state
  • It will help to show you the inner strength you possess
  • A good stone for anyone who has experienced trauma
  • Promotes emotional balance
  • Encourages you to remove negative patterns and transform
  • The crystal for tough and unfiltered relationship advice
  • Helps you to identify what is really important to your soul
  • Creates an earthly connection
Turquoise mohave
  • A stone for finding wholeness and truth
  • Aids in communication
  • Creates self forgiveness and self acceptance
  • Reflective and calming
  • Balances emotions
  • Happiness
  • Increases fertility and regulates cycles
  • Spiritual insight
  • Safe travel
  • New beginnings
Mystic quartz
  • An uplifting crystal
  • Helps to dispel negative energy
  • Emotional healing stone
  • Burns through negative attachments, wounds and negative patterns
  • Amplifies joy
  • Helps you to strike a balance in your emotional state
  • Take away negative energies
  • Encourages balance, protection and peace
Paua shell
  • Brings good luck, prosperity and peace
  • Used to treat several health conditions, such as hearing problems, nervous system disorders and deficiency of calcium
  • Purity
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Concentration and focus
  • Wisdom
  • Digestive aid
  • Increases fertility and eases childbirth
  • Helps you to remove toxic emotions of jealousy, spite and stress
  • Powerful cleansing properties
  • Creates joy and happiness
  • Helps you to find a sense of purpose
  • Attracts wealth and success
  • Hold strong protective energy
  • Good for heart ache
  • Encourages stability when tensions are high
  • Healing properties for relationships
Rose quartz
  • Strengthens love and romantic relationships
  • Empties suppressed negative emotions
  • Blocks nightmares and encourages happy dreams
Ruby Zoisite
  • Highly energetic properties
  • Converts negative fields into positive ones
  • Keeps lethargy at bay
  • Allows you to work on inner strength
  • A very spiritual stone
  • Brings courage when faced with stressful situations
Silver leaf
  • Promotes balance
  • Provides strength of purpose
  • A grounding stone
  • Encourages willpower
  • Healing
  • Strengthens your connection with your higher health
  • Provides a shield of protection around your body, heart, mind and spirit
  • Helps you to resolve and heal your emotional problems
  • This stone symbolises peace, calmness and royalty
  • A stone to help you move on from the past and give you a sense of direction
  • Transforms negative energies into positive ones
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Very popular in medical treatment tools
  • Grounding
  • Balances emotions
  • Treats the reproductive system, stimulates healthy pregnancies
  • Eases childbirth
  • Aids the growth of skin tissue and hair