Snore stones

Snore stones

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Natural volcanic rock infused for many days in the very best organic oils of British lavender and chamomile, both so well-known for their therapeutic and healing qualities.

Using only the highest quality essential oils sourced from the heart of England, these Sleep Stones harness the power of nature to give you the sweetest of dreams using the magic of aromatherapy.

Simply remove the lid of the jar to allow the gorgeous sleep-enhancing aromas to gently fragrance the room and help carry you off into a deep and rejuvinating slumber; this is possibly the most beautiful solution available to those that want to find a more holistic approach to bedtime.

Their rich lavender colour gives a fashionable pop to any room, whilst the jar is of the highest quality glass with have a very bohemian chic feel. The sealed jar also makes the perfect gift and is easy to send with confidence.

How To Use

Simply open the lid of the jar thirty minutes to one hour before bedtime to allow the gorgeous sleep enhancing aroma to gently fragrance the room. As you turn out the light, replace the lid of the jar for longevity. Breathe deeply and let the aromatherapy to work its magic; this is Mother Nature helping you to drift off into a refreshing and rejuvenating sleep.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the UK 

How long do they last?

These freshers release their fragrance gradually for months and months, however when the time comes that you want to increase the intensity of the scent again (usually after around 6 months), you can refresh the fragrance with the concentrated oil.

How do I refresh the fragrance?

Place the fresheners into a small plastic bag, a sandwich bag will do, along with 2 capfuls of the oil. Give the bag a couple of shakes, leave for around 5 minutes for the oil to absorb into the complex molecular structure of the freshener. Take the fresheners out of the bag and you're all set for another 2-3 months of beautiful fragrance. You can repeat this process for around 2 years before you might want to think about replacing your fresheners with a new set.